Wednesday, 3 May 2017


 My boyfriend and I have spent 4 days in Warsaw. It was his first visit in my city. We had an amazing time.

- I took my boyfriend to my all-time favourite coffee shop (Same Fusy, Piwna Street). We played Pick up Sticks, had an amazing carrot cake and tea and talked with my Mom about my previous boyfriends she didn't like

- We went to the Warsaw Rising Museum. It made J. feel depressed but it was all normal to me. I grew up learning about the World War II. The museum is great and modern, although there are a lot details to read about and we were too tired (and hungry).

- We had some Georgian food for the first time. Very nice and filling. It's this kind of food you can only have once or twice a year. I cannot even imagine eating khinkali and chachapuri every day.

- I discovered that my beloved little bookshop didn't exist anymore. I wanted to buy some books about my favourite painter. The publishing house only sells books in their office as they don't have a proper shop anymore. Disappointment.

I love coming back to my city, I love seeing how many things have changed. Sometimes I compare it to London and realise that we have everything. Living abroad was exciting when we didn't have H&M (20 years ago). Now it's all the same. But better because I'm home.

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